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A marquee is a fantastic, flexible and complete venue that can be placed in any location, at any size and shape. It provides you with the ability to design and customise a marquee as you wish to.

It's practically a blank canvas, ready and waiting to add your personal touches.

  • We insist on a site visit so we can tailor your marquee hire experience to your event.
  • We provide a wide range of flexible and changeable options to you, from carpet colours to table layouts and lighting.
  • A hassle free one stop company for your event.

We are one of the few companies in the area that prefer and hire out the more expensive losberger style marquee. They are brilliantly engineered and as a result are very rigid. The benefits of this? No shaking, rattling or rolling - except on the dance floor! Our marquees are completely British weather proof. They are ideal for any event, anytime of the year, in any weather.

  • Hardflooring available for making the impossible, possible.
  • We can link multiple marquees together to form a waterproof large venue.

Marquees are just the start, effectively a blank canvas.

There are millions of events across the globe each day with the majority having pictures taken to capture that moment forever. There is an endless amount of possibilities to decorating and designing your perfect day.

For inspiration:

  • Search pinterest for  or check out our portfolio
  • Ask us how we can help you out on achieving your perfect day.
Marquee hire

Things to Consider...

No two marquees are the same. Here at Jubilee we have a wide variety of styles, colours, textures and options for you to choose from for your event.

Upon site visits we provide you with a professional and expert recommendation based on your needs and plans for the event.

In the meantime however, here is a selection of lining variations we have on offer.

  • Majority of Swags (displayed on the right).These are used to decorate the inside of the top line of the marquee. We also have leg covers of the same colour to match. Alternatively you can mix and match. We’ve done many different colour variations over the years; whether the colours of your favourite team or a seasonal event, we can help.
  • Carpet (displayed in the below). Here at Jubilee we order our carpets in especially for your event, which is tailored to your marquee size. The below displays a few of the options available. Upon site visit carpet colours can be seen in person to help in your decision making. (The most popular carpet colours: Biscuit & Anthracite. Our personal favourite: Navy Blue or Silver).
carpet colours
carpet colours
swag and leg cover colours

Roof Lining

We currently have two different roof lining options: Ivory lining and Starlight lining (which is usually utilised for the dance side of the marquee, but can go and cover wherever).

marquee hire example
blackout marquee hire example

What About Lighting??

Whether your event is in the middle of the day or middle of the night, lighting can really make a difference to the ambience of the marquee.

We have a number of different lighting options that can be utilised in (and out (Festoons)) the marquee to add to your event. 

  • Uplighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Fairy Lights
  • Festoon Lights (clear or coloured bulbs)
  • Starlight Lining
at night marquee hire example

Our Creative Projects

Everyone’s event is different. Whether a Wedding, birthday, anniversary, celebration or corporate event. We can tailor it to your needs and desires.