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Here you can find a fine selection of the marquee hire lighting options we have available, here at Jubilee Hire. Still undecided on what you want? check out our options for inspiration. Still stuck? No worries, fill in the quote form to get a free no obligation site visit. We can help you decide with our years of knowledge and experience. After all, Its what we’re good at!

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Different types of lighting give your marquee different feels and aesthetics. Check out our options below!. Maybe they’ll give yourself some inspiration for what you’re after…. Can’t decide? Click the Get a quote button below and we’re arrange a free no obligation site visit, to get your event prep on its way. We’ll discuss options and give you all our knowledge and ideas.


Uplights are by far our most popular lighting option, here at Jubilee. They’re usually seen in carpeted and lined tents, allowing us to hide the wires under the carpet and shine them up the leg covers. Thus, Giving your marquee a beautiful glow in the evening. Also, These lights run on a dimmer so intensity levels can be adjusted. In addition, they can have gels applied to give off different coloured light. Perfect for themed events or getting a certain mood.

Marquee lite up in the Kentish evening
interior of a marquee decorated ready for the event.


Chandeliers are another popular choice. These can be used with or without lining’s, (however, without lining wires will show) making them perfect for any event/situation. They’re often combined with up-lights (Above) to produce a greatly lit atmosphere in the evening/night time. They also run on a dimmer to allow the light intensity to be adjusted. If there is no decorations (such as Chinese lanterns) attached to the ceiling (Please no pins! They may damage our lining’s), then, chandeliers are a great choice to fill the void.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a recent addition to Jubilee’s lighting fleet. We like these sat behind the roof linings to create a starlight effect in the evening, without the dark effect of starlight lining. furthermore, they can also be applied outdoors as decoration, often to light up walkways above or drape down walls (festoon lights are also a perfect option). Fairy lights run of a dimmer which has to be indoors which can give the lights a twinkling effect. We recommend these paired with up-lights, as on their own their not bright enough for primary evening lighting but create a great effect.

Marquee wedding layout with fairy lights in the lining
Marquee surrounded by festoon lights.

Festoon lights

We didn’t think festoon lights would be as popular as they have been, when we initially got them. Since then, there’s hardly a week in the season where they’re not on a job. With a variety of choices on offer. A clear bulb, which gives off a warm light, and coloured bulbs (Red, blue, green, yellow). Festoons can be used outdoors as walkway lighting. On the side of the marquee (as pictured) or inside. Perfect for events that have no lining or possibly carpet. We have a number of different lengths which we can chain to create greater lengths for application. In addition we have ground polls to place them waist height to create a perfect walkway. Stopping those nosey event wonderers.


Outdoor lighting can be provided on request. Whether an led light, outside catering. Or even a light shining up at some nearby trees (Personal favourite). As above, Festoon lights (above) are also a great option for outdoor lighting. Alternatively, A Fire pit is a great warm edition to any event. Creating a gathering point outdoors and some warmth on those colder nights (Need to be positioned away from the marquee). Marquees internal lighting also provides lighting in the evening to a certain extent. But to be on the safe side we recommend a type of outdoor lighting.

marquee all lit up in the evening from the interior lights.
Marquee with star light lining and up-lights lit up in the evening

Starlight lining

Starlight lighting is mainly used above the dance-floor as a dance section in our marquees. If not the whole way (like the picture). Starlight lining can be paired with a disco ball and pin spot lights to create a great dance area feel. These are also on a dimmer which allows you to change the speed, intensity and frequency of the sparkling led’s.

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